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Ali Al-Fatlawi feat. Wathiq Al-Ameri

Ali Al-Fatlawi feat. Wathiq Al-Ameri: “We have thought about you”

June 26, 4 PM, The Museum of Contemporary Art, yard


Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri are an artist duo. Their performances reflect and challenge concrete prejudice of arab culture, the fear and expectations of dreads involving civil casualties, border-crossing situations and the psychological pressure expressed in physical gestures. The mortal as part of everyday life is also an important subject expressed in performances and gestures dealing with masculinity and war acts and the role of memory and the musealisation of lost lives in war zones.  With the performance “We have thought about you” Al-Fatlawi and Al-Ameri create a welcoming gesture at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde. Standing at an extensive table of chopped-up onions and white flowers, the two performers welcome the audience attending the festival, in tears.

Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri won the Price performance Switzerland in 2011, which has been followed more recently of the prestigious Swiss Art Award 2012. Ali Al-Fatlawi & Wathiq Al-Ameri are based in Switzerland and collaborate as part of the studio Urnamo founded in 2002. They have known each other since childhood and studied together at the Bagdad Arts Academy in Iraq and F+F Submit Schule für Kunst und Design.


Pavilion of Iraq

June 27 - July 1, daily 3-6 PM, Roskilde Festival, Settle and Share, P, Camp East


At the Roskilde Festival Ali Al-Fatlawi and Wathiq Al-Ameri will create an “Iraqi Pavilion” in a tent on the camping grounds. The tent will be inhabited by themselves, where they will eat, sleep, perform and integrate with the life of the other campers. Only the tent will be slightly differently equipped than the surrounding ones - with flags and banners written in Arabic; inside the tent a TV will be showing Iraqi news and another one will be tuned into an Iraqi music channel playing loudly. The tent is open - public and neighbors are welcome. The artists will cook tea in a Samowar and offer the tea with typical Oriental tea glasses to the visitors. During the festival the artists will talk to visitors of the pavilion and write poetry on the tent canvas. The “Pavilion of Iraq” is an interventive durational performance that challenges the expectations and fears that are connected to Arab and Muslim culture.


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