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Aman Mojadidi

Aman Mojadidi: What They Fear

June 27-29, daily 11 AM-7 PM, Roskilde Festival, City Center East


The idea of an “Immunization Clinic” at the Roskilde Festival relates to the crisis of migration that Europe, and Denmark, has responded to in different ways; and which can be seen as rooted in the notion of Immunization - What (and in this case WHO) do we choose to immunize ourselves against? And what is it that we seek to be immunized from - Ideas? Religions? Races? Nationalisms? Extremisms? Political ideologies? Open borders?

The resulting performative installation consists of a tent clinic (like the medical care tents placed at the festival), with medical staff working behind desks. Here, generic vaccines or liquid tinctures, drops, given by medical staff (under the tongue) will be available so visitors may be immunized. The visitor's choice of “vaccine” shows whether you are with or against the immigrant policies of the current Danish government. The right wing government of Denmark has taken a strong stance towards the wave of migrants arriving in Europe, largely from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, etc. What is your position? 

There will be a list of “vaccines” and subjects to be vaccinated against such as Islam, Blackness, Racism, Extreme Right or Extreme Left Politics, Arabness, Eugenics etc. The medical staff and technicians will wear see-through protective outfits and there will be glass cabinets with medical gear. The technicians are seated at stations with medical cabinets storing the necessary materials to carry out the immunization shot. The technicians will be carrying out their duties, checking supplies, checking the vaccines, adjusting materials, while patients are treated.

Amanullah Mojadidi is Afghan and American born in Florida (1971). He lives in Paris and Kabul. He has a.o. done a fashion line of clothing for suicide bombers and soldiers called "Conflict Chic" and photography exploring the connection between Kabul City and the American Confederate South. His art has been shown in international contemporary art exhibitions, including dOCUMENTA (13) and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2012. Mojadidi also curated a 2012 Documenta exhibition in Kabul, which showcased 12 contemporary Afghan artists.


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