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Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh: Choreograph Me

June 25, 5:30 PM, The Museum of Contemporary Art, yard


“Choreograph Me” is an ongoing project in which artist Harold Offeh invites the audience to use his body as a material for the production of a series of performative gestures. Visitors will have the opportunity to generate instructions for actions, movements and gestures that Offeh performs live for one hour. The audience will be invited to participate and join Offeh in the fulfillment of the instructions, or to direct and edit from afar (holding up text boards). “Choreograph Me”, originally commissioned by MiMA, Middleborough, uses the framework of instructions to form a collectively choreographed piece. By offering his body as a material to be experimented with, Offeh explores the question of how an artist can be used as a sculptural material and his labor made useful to an audience. 

For “Choreograph Me” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Offeh will re-stage the work inviting audiences to direct and lead him. The performance will last up till one hour. The audience is provided with a series of printed texts that refer to movements or actions. They can use the texts to direct and instruct the artist or they can create new instructions by writing words on paper. Offeh is interested in the relations between body, space, race and gender, but also between audience and performer. The crossover between moving image and live performance and the common references of film and songs inform his work.

Harold Offeh was born in Ghana (1977). He studied Fine Art at Brighton University and Fine Art Photography at the Royal College of Art, London. He has shown widely both in Britain and abroad; including East International, Norwich; At Your Service, David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Espaco Bananeiras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Metropolis Rise, CQL Design Center, Shanghai, China.


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