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Julie Djikey

Julie Djikey is a performance artist that deliberates on and thematises issues of sustainability, man and his environment, the construction of social spaces, socio-cultural disparities and imbalances in economic relations within society.

Djikey’s works question how biodegradability and recyclability, sustainable development and renewable energies impact an era, influence subjectivities and various ecologies, as seen in her most prominent performance piece "Ozonisation", which she has performed on the streets in many countries.

Julie Djikey was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, in 1987. Djikey has performed inter alia "WORK IN PROGRESS" at l'Institut Français de Kinshasa, 2012; "Ozonisation" phase 2 at RAVY Festival, Rencontres d'arts visuels de Yaoundé au Cameroun, 2014; YANGO Biennale de Kinshasa 2014; "TI WAPI?" at ROND POINT MAGAZIN - Kinshasa RDC, 2015, and "Ozonisation" in Hannover Germany, 2015.


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