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Mwangi Hutter

Mwangi Hutter: X marks the Spot

July 1, 12-2 PM, Roskilde Festival, in front of Orange Stage


Mwangi Hutter is an artist duo (Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter) interested in exploring the idea of “self” and the mutation of the self through others. They are interested in how to create a common voice. Their performances thus question the stable definition of the self and the collective. In their performances they engage with the body, collective histories and trauma.

In the context of the Roskilde Festival Mwangi Hutter has developed a new participatory performance called “X marks the Spot”. Here, app. 200 volunteers, performing participants (festival goers and others), are invited to place themselves in a grid and wrap themselves deliberately in colored gauze (red and black). Together they will create a visual impression of the Danish flag - with a black cross instead of a white one - temporarily on the ground in front of Orange stage.

The audience can watch the live action as well as the perspective offered by aerial videography presented on a large-scale video projection screen. The title refers to the white cross in the Danish flag and plays with its symbolism - could the white cross also be transformed into a target? The performance opens the devious associations connected to this national symbol and the status of nationalism in Denmark. It also questions the associations connected to white and black.  

Their recent international exhibitions includes, among others: "Heaven, Hell, Purgatory – The Divine Comedy from the Perspective of Contemporary African Artists", Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, 2015 and "VISIONS. An Atmosphere of Change", Marta Herford Museum, 2013 as well as “Earth Matters: Land as Material and Metaphor in the Arts of Africa”, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of African Art - NMAfA, Washington DC, 2013.


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