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OPENING WEEKEND May 14-15 2016

May 14 15.00: Reception Holbæk Museum, Klosterstræde 18. 4300 Holbæk

May 14 15.15-17.30: Guided tour of the exhibition. Including performance by Julie Djikey, hat parade and Vocababes performing in ’Shells at the Sea’

May 14 17.30: Bus to Vang Area / Departure from Havnevej (near ’Shells at the Sea’)

May 14 18.00: Food and work intro / Dinner in Vang and walk’n’talk by Ibrahim Mahama

May 14 19.30: Return to Holbæk Harbour. Busses return to Gl. Havn and SKVULP party

May 14 21.00: IMAGES | Sounds DJ set by DJ NoBody at SKVULP Lille Scene


May 15 13.30-14.20: Meet the artists in SKVULP Ferris Wheel

May 15 14.30-15.30: IMAGES |Voices Talk by curators and artists at SKVULP Lille Scene, Gl. Havn

May 15 15.30: IMAGES | Guidet bike tour by curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen. Meeting point: SKVULP Lille scene, Gl. Havn


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