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Reflection I

Hamed Ouattara: Buffet

The Life of Materials. On Another Nature and Ecology

Holbæk City, May 14 - Aug 15 2016 

This part of the exhibition project consists of a series of location-specific art pieces and interventions in the urban space of Holbæk City.

The art works will form a sculpture walk in the city centre and at the water front, occasionally expanding into the periphery of the city. In the city centre the project engages with the local Cultural History Museum and the library.

The sculptures and installations are all concerned with the innovative use and circulation of materials known from other contexts than the artistic. New ways of interpreting and possibly (re)using materials arise as a reference to global society's way of circulating materials and goods, and underscore the related social, ecological and political issues.

This chapter will be a reflection on industrialisation and the effects of consumer actions as well as a reflection on the life of materials existing beyond our perception.

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Julie Damgaard Nielsen