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Reflection II

Athi-Patra Ruga: The Future White Woman of Azania, 2012

The Route that Tempts the Traveler to Test Gravity - Notes on the Paradigm of Immunization

Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde and Roskilde Festival, Jun 25 - Jul 2 2016

This part of the exhibition will focus on performance art and performativity in general. Incorporating some of the leading performance artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East the chapter will offer space for deliberations on the paradigm of immunization: protection of the self, the nation-state or other collective political bodies. Is there a limit where self-protection excludes social circulation?

The contradiction between social circulation and immunization exists on an individual physical level, e.g. in terms of sexuality, illness or the sharing of social space, as well as on a collective level represented by the political body in terms of e.g. guarding national borders. This over-protection may create stagnation when it comes to the development of a body or society in the way that the very thing that protects the entity is the same thing that obstructs it – or even annihilates it.

This chapter will thus question harsh immigration laws, as well as economic, racial, sexual and gender stratifications that germinate from these tendencies of overprotection and oversecurity and on the liminal moments when the threshold is crossed – psychologically, physically or legally.

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