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Reflektion III

Kamal Aljafari: The Roof, 2006, still image

An Age of Our Own Making - On Agency and Enacting Citizenship

Kunsthal Charlottenborg,  16. september -15. januar 2017

This last part of the exhibition project will consist in the presentation of four artists and a film programme. It will look at possibilities of creating, claiming, using or shaping space as forms of enacting citizenship.

In an age of renegotiation of global relations with a view to finding common ground, it is important to challenge the concept of citizenship beyond the context of the nation state. A central point here is the production of space from civil side.

This 'reflection' examines space as a social and political product and how it is historically configured as a social formation and a mental construction. Be it real or virtual, the manifestations that give a lost, deserved or a forgotten meaning back to a specific space will play a central role in this chapter.

Just like citizenship, space is inclusive or exclusive, and practices of marginalization can also be seen as spatial politics.

This theme is the core and connecting point of the four solo exhibitions and the film programme at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

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